American Gilsonite

Gilsonite improves performance, extends thermal life and reduces cost in deepwater drilling

Gilsonite® has been proven safe and effective in more than 60 years of oilfield performance. Added to drilling fluids, it increases performance and reduces cost in deepwater drilling while minimizing risk.

Gilsonite meets all EPA requirements for Gulf of Mexico discharge

The deeper you look, the more benefits you’ll see

With natural bonding and plugging properties and a high softening point, Gilsonite delivers multiple advantages:

Extends thermal life 10% or more
Prevents lost circulation
Minimizes differential sticking
Stabilizes shales
Performs in oil- and water-based drilling muds
Performs in HP/HT environments
Reduces cost vs. polymers
Delivers higher performance with no HSE risk

Gilsonite reduces costs more than 80%
At a fraction of the cost of premium polymers, Gilsonite delivers greater cost advantages at higher temperatures:

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What is Gilsonite? Find out what makes it naturally better.

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