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NEW PRODUCT LAUNCH: Gilsonite AquaSol performs in WBM like sulfonated asphalt, at significantly less cost

American Gilsonite Company is proud to announce the launch of Gilsonite® AquaSol – a cost-effective, high-performance drilling fluid additive, effective in a wide range of water-based systems for both low and high temperature wells.

Disperses quickly and easily in water-based muds
Gilsonite AquaSol is a free-flowing powder that mixes easily through the hopper and disperses with only mild agitation. It is tolerant of contaminants and eliminates the need for additional surfactants or coupling agents.

Gilsonite AquaSol dispersability demonstration

Gilsonite AquaSol has a wide range of performance benefits

Mixes easily through the hopper
Controls fluid loss and seepage
Stabilizes shales
Prevents lost circulation
Strengthens the wellbore
Minimizes differential sticking
Maintains lubricity in tight formations
Compatible with most water-based systems

Get the performance of sulfonated asphalt and pay 25-50% less
Gilsonite AquaSol performs comparably to sulfonated asphalt at a much lower cost. Plus, since it requires no additional surfactants or coupling agents, it further lowers costs by allowing you to use fewer additives.

Cost per BBL

For more information, download the technical information sheet.



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