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American Gilsonite offers new G-Bond cementing additive for improved mixability at higher concentrations

American Gilsonite Company now offers Gilsonite G-Bond to deliver even more performance in formulations with higher concentrations.

Mixes easily without foaming – saves time, space and money
Gilsonite® G-Bond is traditional cementing grade Gilsonite with a surfactant coating. It is free-flowing and easily disperses in water for rapid wellsite mixing – even at high concentrations. Its unique characteristics eliminate the time and expense of adding wetting agents and defoamers, as well as the time, space and cost of using a batch mixer.

Now you can further improve the physical and chemical properties of your slurry and set cement by using higher concentrations of Gilsonite.

Enhance cement bonding
Prevent sustained casing pressure
Improve zonal isolation
Eliminate need for blenders or batch mixers onsite
Prevent pump cavitation
Eliminate need for wetting and defoaming agents

Instantly enhance cement properties without changing your formulation
With its superior hydrophilic characteristics, Gilsonite G-Bond readily mixes at concentrations approaching 30% or even 40% without requiring any additional changes to the slurry formulation. It is ultra-lightweight, highly dispersible and can be mixed on the fly without requiring any blenders or batch mixers.

For more information, download the technical information sheet.



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