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Scientific study proves benefits of Gilsonite in asphalt pavement

A 2015 study by the Western Regional Superpave Center at the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering of the University of Nevada, Reno, proved that Gilsonite-modified binders significantly extend the useful life of asphalt pavement. This is good news for agencies looking to reduce the long-term costs of asphalt pavement maintenance.

Findings from comprehensive testing demonstrated that Gilsonite-modified binders showed significant improvement in:

  • Tensile strength – The addition of Gilsonite significantly increased both the unconditioned and moisture-conditioned tensile strength.
  • Compressive strength – Gilsonite-modified binders showed significant improvement in compressive strength.
  • Rutting strength – Gilsonite-modified binders significantly increased projected pavement life. In all but one case, adding Gilsonite yielded a ten-fold increase.
  • Fatigue resistance – The projected pavement life is 1.5 to 5 times longer with the Gilsonite-modified binders.

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Gilsonite improves performance and reduces costBenefits of Gilsonite in asphalt pavement

Industry reports of Gilsonite-modified asphalt lasting more than twice as long as unmodified mixtures are common. In addition, the high modulus provided by Gilsonite allows the base and binder courses to be up to 20% thinner while still providing the same level of performance, enabling the use of less material. Gilsonite can also act as a lower-cost, performance-enhancing extender in a mixture including SBS polymers.

By significantly extending the useful life of asphalt pavement and allowing a reduction in the amount of paving material required, Gilsonite has proven to offer substantial cost effectiveness.

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