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Introducing Our New and Expanded Line of High Temperature Drilling Mud Additives

After extensive R&D and a multimillion dollar investment in mining capacity, American Gilsonite Company now has an expanded range of HT drilling mud additives ready for immediate delivery.

Gilsonite® HT performs in the most extreme conditions

Enhances mud properties for HP/HT environments
High softening point extends thermal life 10% or more
Prevents lost circulation and minimizes differential sticking
Proven to be safe, natural and effective

A new range of higher softening points (% cumulative particle)
Gilsonite HT performs at temperatures as high as 500ºF.

Gilsonite HT reduces costs more than 60% vs. premium polymers

Our full line of high-temp products:

NEW PRODUCT: Gilsonite HT450 (softening point >450º)
Gilsonite HT430 (softening point >430º)
Gilsonite HT415 (softening point >415º)
NEW PRODUCT: Gilsonite HT400 (softening point >400º)
Available for WBM, OBM and SBM

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