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American Gilsonite Company is the sole global supplier of the naturally occurring hydrocarbon resin mined only in Northeastern Utah. Gilsonite® is used extensively as a high-performance additive in oil and gas drilling and other industrial applications.

Proven Performance

Gilsonite’s superior performance has been proven by decades of use in each of our end markets. In the oilfield, Gilsonite plays a critical part in meeting increasingly complex drilling challenges around the world. In the industrial market, Gilsonite plays a vital role in improving the quality and performance of inks, paints, asphalt paving and emulsions, construction and foundry casting.

We partner with our customers to understand their specific technical challenges and to develop products and solutions that capitalize on Gilsonite’s superior performance characteristics.

Our products are currently used in over 80 countries on six continents.

Our Top Priority

We take pride in putting the safety of our employees first. Our team of dedicated professionals collaborates daily to mine, process and ship our products with the highest quality standards and reliability.

Dedication to Excellence

American Gilsonite Company is proud of its storied history and remains committed to the future.

We are committed to the development of our extensive reserves to ensure that we will be a reliable supplier to our customers for decades to come. We have learned valuable lessons throughout our 100 years of mining operations, and we intend to continue expanding our capacity through best practices while leveraging new technologies and innovations.

Our plan for the next 100 years is to continue deepening our relationships with our customers, and partnering with them to address their technical challenges with Gilsonite-based solutions.

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Gilsonite applications in Oil & Gas – as a lost circulation material, enhancing zonal isolation and improving wellbore stabilityGilsonite applications as an ink additive, paint additive, asphalt binder modifier, in concrete expansion joints and foundry sand



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