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Gilsonite applications in Oil & Gas – as a lost circulation material, enhancing zonal isolation and improving wellbore stability Gilsonite applications as an ink additive, paint additive, asphalt binder modifier, in concrete expansion joints and foundry sand  

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American Gilsonite Company is the world’s only supplier of Gilsonite®, a naturally occurring hydrocarbon resin (uintaite). With a number of unique chemical properties and physical characteristics, Gilsonite improves the performance of many critical materials and applications.

The strength, flexibility, extreme light weight and environmental safety of Gilsonite make it a superior additive for cementing and drilling fluids in the oilfield, as well as improving performance and quality in asphalt, inks, paints, stains, construction materials and foundry castings.

We work with our customers as a technical partner and trusted supplier to ensure superior performance in every application.

Gilsonite is only found in our mines in Northeastern Utah. If it doesn’t come from American Gilsonite Company, it isn’t Gilsonite.